Dr. med. Tina Hassberg
As a medical doctor, Tina has a broad experience in various fields of medical care such as internal medicine, surgery and emergency care.

Her strong commitment to optimizing processes and usability in the healthcare sector led her to the founding of Solios Diagnostics as a co-inventor of RapidoDX .

Dr. Mark Keller
Market Acess Manager
Mark Keller, a microsystems engineering expert, co-founded a successful IVD startup, growing it to 120 employees with a 14 million EUR turnover. He has over 12 years of leadership experience, including 7 years in medtech marketing, product management, and business development. An expert in digital marketing and commercialization, Mark launched multiple CE-IVD products and is known for his value-driven approach and strong communication skills.

Jan Maier
Product Development
CEO MedConcept UG
He has extensive experience as a manager, devloper and consultant, especially in life-science-sector.
He develops new, innovative products through series production and has played a key role in many patents and award winnnig medical products.

Advisory Board

Ricarda Cramer
Marketing & BD
Ricarda, a Pharmacist and MBA has spent more than 20 years in international pharma industry companies, holding management positions in quality assurance, production, marketing and R&D.

As an advisor to the pharma and life science industry she loves to tackle strategic topics.
Dr. Frank Sehlmeyer
Molecular Diagnogstics Specialist
Frank is a molecular biologist, dynamic consultant, and serial entrepreneur, renowned as the co-founder of highQu GmbH and MagBio Genomics Europe GmbH. As part of his activities Frank tirelessly supports molecular diagnostic companies, driving their product innovation, streamlining manufacturing processes, and propelling their business expansion.
Dr. Mark-Steven Steiner
Lateral Flow Specialist
As an anlytical chemist, Mark-Steven has 10+ years' experience in diagnostic product development and manufacturing for biotech-, diagnostic-, & pharma- companies. He is specialized in lateral flow tests, nanoparticles and protein chemistry. As a consultant in life science he is engaged in innovative solution finding and seeks always for the most valuable outcome for the clients.

Gerhard Neidhöfer
Senior Advisor
Founder of ACG Automation Consulting group and majoritiy shareholder until dec. 2022.
Now he enjoys having more time for his varied interests and various voluntary commitments.

Gerhard Neidhöfer has invested in Solios Diagnostics and supports the company as senior advisor.

Dr. Ulrich Meißner
Senior Advisor
Business Angel and marketing communications consultant.

Dr. Ulrich Meißner has also invested in Solios Diagnostics and supports the company as senior advisor.

A network of experts & professional partners
complements the core team.