is a universal pen-sized test system for Lateral Flow Assays which can be assembled modularily, depending on sample types and other diagnostic requirements.

Currently there are two different sizes.



For specimen that do not require a long swab, e.g. nasal, urine, blod, stool, surfaces
ca. 8cm length


For specimen that do require a longer swab for better handling, e.g. nasopharyngeal, vaginal
ca. 13,5cm length




RapidoDX is a fully integrated device, containing all required components in one shell.

The easy and intuitive handling makes it contamination risk free and safe to operate in almost any environment.


You can use the platform for a wide variety of sample types and targets: e.g. saliva, secretions, urine, stool and surfaces.

Due to it’s variability the user groups range from clinical staff & healthcare workers to self-testing persons.

Other applications are in animal health, food safety and environmental safety.


Using less materials, reducing weight, volume and number of parts, with optional sourcing of bio-based plastics, you will be able to offer a more sustainable disposable device to your business customers.

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PCT Patent disclosed in Nov. 2022